At Astro Soul Beauty & Body, our passion and number one goal is to create the Picture Perfect Tan. We  use' Mine Tan' who are committed to continuously creating innovative formulas that are the allure of a natural golden body. All of this happens with a core set of values to make the perfect tan without harmful elements or chemicals. Mine Tan formulas use only the finest natural and organic ingredients that are a true skin therapy treatment that can disguise cellulite, stretchmarks and make you look thinner and sexier than ever before.




Please ensure that you thoroughly exfoliate your body before your spray tanning appointment using an exfoliating washer or hand gloves, paying particular attention to your elbows, knees, ankles and feet. These areas of your body can be drier and therefore 'grab' too much tan.

Hair removal (waxing, shaving) should be done 24 hours prior to tanning.

Do not apply moisturiser, deodorant or perfume to your body prior to tanning. These products can create a barrier on the skin which will affect the development and colour of your spray tan reaching its full potential.

Astro Soul Beauty & Body will provide you with a disposable  g-string or you may prefer to wear your own g-string, briefs or feel free to have a naked tan.

Men may prefer to wear their own g-string, briefs or boxer shorts.

Please ensure that you bring loose, dark clothing to wear home, after your spray tan, and thongs are preferred footwear.


When showering after the recommended time please ensure that you gently wash your body with a hydrating body wash and pat your skin dry. Use luke warm to cool water for your initial shower to avoid deactivating tan.

Activities that cause you to perspire will affect your tan.

The chlorine in swimming pools will affect your tan.

Swimming in the surf will affect your tan.

Moisturising daily will promote a longer lasting tan and assist with the tan fading evenly.

The best moisturisers are those made with shea butter or cocoa butter.